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Contact us, we will be really happy to solve all your questions. We offer free demos of our products, let us know your interest in one of your domains or subdomains to send you a free of commitment demo.

Our Mission

Develop innovative products that are close to the true security problems of companies. Fully automated products that offer real added value.

Our Vision

Automation, artificial intelligence, robots or open solutions are the technologies that can make cybersecurity at the level of cybercrime in reaction time. We want to achieve that by always looking for simplicity for our clients.

Why Us

A young team, with energy and great experience, is behind this project. If you still have questions about don't hesitate in contact us and ask for a demo to try our products.

Meet Our Products

We put all of our efforts in creating a useful and very simple tools to be included in their processes for companies.

Kartos is the tool within the company was opened. Many hours and enthusiasm have been invested in it, but the list will grow soon.

Monitoring the network, keeping your company Safe Check out our products specialized on cybersecurity and DevSecOps.

About Us

We are enthusiastic about cybersecurity. We want a better cybernetic world where the property and the secrecy of the information are kept.

Our history

Enthec is supported by many years of experience in cybersecurity in sectors from banking to aerospace. This same experience has made us see that new trends in cybersecurity such as DevSecOps will change the sector and this is where Enthec was born. New products, ideas and philosophies to change cibersecurity in companies.

Where we are

We are physically located in Madrid, Spain but thanks to the Internet there are no borders so do not hesitate to get in touch with us despite your business is.