What is Kartos?

Kartos is a complex system of robots and spiders that track the main sites of the network looking for emails from our customers that have been stolen.


Today there are hundreds of websites that are hacked, organized crime greatly values ​​the mail lists with their passwords as they are sold on the black market for very important amounts of money.

Users often use the same password for different pages so that organized crime has a list of emails and passwords of your company can be the beginning of several attacks.

Below, we give you several examples of attacks that have happened in reality, the names of the people and companies have been changed:

  • Targeted attacks: Sending false emails asking your employee to send important information to your company. For example, imagine that your engineer Ana has the corporate email ana_ingenieria@miempresa.com and her manager has the email pedro_ingenieria@miempresa.com. An attacker who has a list of emails from your company and see these two could send an email to Ana from pedro_ingenieria@mycompany.com requesting the relevant information. If Ana is not trained and under notice she may send this information and her company loses a lot of money invested in the development of that product.
  • Sending of targeted malware: By arranging the attacker for a broad list of emails from your company, you can send emails simulating being corporate with infected documents inside.
  • Direct access to their systems: Users usually use the same password for their different accounts in different systems. It could be that Pepe has used his corporate account to register on Facebook and he has also used it with the same password. It is a very common practice that could involve direct access to your corporate systems with Pepe's account.
  • Social engineering: When attacks occur on third-party platforms you can not know what data users have stolen. It is not usually just the email and password, in many cases this data is accompanied by the date of birth, phone numbers, addresses and other data that organized crime can use to sell or launch attacks against their fully customized employees and with your confidence.
  • Identity theft: Cybercrime has obtained so much information from one of its employees that it can impersonate their identity and operate with third parties on their behalf. You will be blind to such attacks and a subcontractor may start working with the hacker without your knowledge.

These are just some cases or types of attack that your company can be victimized. It is very important to know that your employees' emails have been hacked into other systems in order to combat the weakest point in the security of companies, users.

How does Kartos work?

Kartos reviews the network automatically thanks to its robots and spiders.

The operation is as simple as it is provided with the domains and subdomains that you want and from that moment our systems start looking for the network everything that corresponds with these domains.

  • No need to send any list of emails from your company. Only the domain and subdomains that you want to monitor are needed.
  • There is no need to update the information since only that minimum is needed.
  • You do not have to request anything. Thefts do everything for you by informing you promptly when you have found some new mail.

Every minute there are new mail leak listings publicly available on the network.

What Kartos brings to your company?

You will be able to know in real time the new emails that have been stolen by the cybercrime.

The first time you hire Kartos you will receive a report with all the emails that have been found so far. From this email, Kartos will send new reports whenever it finds new emails in the listings.

It may be that you find the same mail several times, those are also sent since the first characters of the password are attached in the report (for privacy and security of the user only partially is informed of it) so you can talk with the user and contrast if you are using it for any of your company's systems.

Concienciar y enseñar a los usuarios es el pilar de la seguridad mas importante para las empresas.

How to get Kartos for your company?

Contact us using the contact form you can find on this page. We can make a demo for you and check if your company's emails are already available in our databases.

Please provide us with the contact information and we will gladly assist you as soon as possible.