What is Kartos?

Kartos is a complex system formed by dozens of robots tracking the network in search of information leaks from your company.


We have two types of robots, those which constantly and automatically search for information through the three layers of the network (Internet, Deep Web and Dark Web). On the other hand are the robots that, they are intelligent (with Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques) and filter the information found, to be able to differentiate what is a problem for your company from what is not.

Robots can find leaks of various types:

  • Corporate emails
  • Passwords
  • Data of your systems and networks
  • Vulnerabilities in your servers
  • Documents
  • Documents with sensitive information
  • Conversations
  • Possible breaches of the GDPR

And much more since, Kartos is a tool in constant growth and evolution just like organized crime.

Why does your company need Kartos?

It begins to be habitual to see in the news companies that have suffered attacks on their systems by viruses that, entered prior attack to their employees by email. Hacked companies, that finds out months after information was stolen and, one of the new risks for companies, the GDPR (European Data Protection Law) that has its own official organism to ensure compliance with it. If your company suffers information leaks it can mean millionaire fines, as they have already happened to other companies throughout Europe.

Thanks to Kartos you can know in real time the leaks of your company information that occur both on the Internet, Deep Web and Dark Web.

You can receive notifications of what the robots find and our AI detects as sensitive, through several channels:

Panel de control
Web Panel: With diagrams, statistics and all the results from the beginning of the service. Splunk: Those companies that have an SOC will be able to integrate Kartos in it and monitor the alerts in their systems. API: Our APIs through which you can integrate Kartos into your company's software or systems as you see fit.

Get ahead of possible attacks or administrative sanctions thanks to knowing the same as your attackers.

How does Kartos work?

For your company it is as simple as providing the domain you want it to be searching on the net.

Kartos does not need any installation or interact at any time with their systems.

For example, Enthec wants it to be monitored by simply adding the domain “enthec.com” to the tool. Kartos will start working.

  • You do not need to send any mailing list or any information about your company. We only need the domain or domains you want to monitor.
  • You will never be asked for additional information about your company. Robots do everything for you, informing promptly when they have found some information of interest.
  • You do not have to install anything on your systems.
  • You do not have to open ports or perform any search from your networks.

Kartos does everything for you. We monitor the network; we take care of your company./p>

How to get Kartos ?

We are looking forward to meet you and help your company. You just have to complete the contact form and we can make a demo with your own domain.

Please provide us with the contact information and we will gladly assist you as soon as possible.