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Our network of sales, consulting and services partners has top-notch cybersecurity companies giving the proper response to the needs of each client. Our partners are essential to the success of Kartos and located throughout the countries in which we operate, ensuring a close interaction with our customers.

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You can find us in the following countries:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Chile

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The arrival of Kartos to the Cybersecurity field gives cyber companies the possibility of offering their customers our unique functionalities that increase all corporative levels of protection and threat detection in Information Security, its Competitiveness and its Reputation.

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Why Partners choose Kartos?

100% Indirect Sales

Enthec guarantees its partners a sales model that operates strictly through the channel. Our business core is the development of the best and most manageable tool, while derived customer services remain in the hands of our partners.


Our commitment to the channel makes Kartos a platform aimed at a multi-tenant management of clients, licenses, products and users, enabling our partners to assign permissions, roles and functionalities.


Kartos is a non-intrusive, automated platform, with an attractive and manageable design, providing our partners or their clients with the specific type of report adapted to the level of technological knowledge of each recipient.

API Integration

To facilitate the surveillance operation and the necessary remedial actions, the info that Kartos delivers to the partner can be directly integrated via API into any management tool the partner uses in their own company ops center.

“The clearest proof of our commitment to the field and our respect for its services is that there is no team of analysts or consultants behind Kartos”

Lola Miravet

CMO · Kartos Enthec

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Try Kartos and discover how our army of XTI Watchbots can protect your clients. Find out about the competitive advantages it brings to your offer of Cybersecurity solutions and services.