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Always on the Lookout

Cybersurveillance and Intelligence Platform

Xti Intelligence

EASM (External Attack Surface Management)
DRPS (Digital Risk Protection Services)
SRS (Security Rating Services)

Give Kartos a shot and discover an Extended Threat Intelligence platform. An automated and non-intrusive tool that provides companies all the info that cybercriminals have about them. This is how you can protect your business from main types of attacks.

KARTOS Solutions

Choose your customized XTI Watchbots Armies of spies to wage wars on different scales. Whatever your need, Kartos can help you prevent threats, anticipate cybercriminals, improve your defense systems and reduce your level of risk.


Committed to the Protection and Defense of Organizations

Who Should Be Using It: Persons or departments in charge of Cybersecurity or IT

or the companies' IT departments

No setup required.

Just enter the domain name









Specific data

for remediation

Complementary add-on offer

for Add-ons


Committed to Third-Party Risk Monitoring

Who Should Be Using It: Those responsible for Cybersecurity, Government, Corporate Risk

Finance, Supplier Risk Assessment or Supply-Chain Evaluation

No setup required.

Just enter the domain name





Complete and objective data

No company authorization required, since the monitoring is strictly non-intrusive

Two types of licenses, each with a different purpose

for a flexible and modular solution adapted to providers with different levels of criticality for the organization

Marketing packs designed to offer the top

cost/functionality/flexibility ratio


Committed to the Protection and Defense of Organizations

Who Should Be Using It: Those responsible

Cybersecurity or IT

No setup required.

Just enter the domain name

Customized data and purposes

with a low level of complexity and depth in infrastructure

Total information visibility

up to the gap remediation level



Small and Medium-Sized Business Enterprises (SMBs)

Because each company has its needs. Kartos adapts to all sizes and types of equipment.

XTI Watchbots: Intelligent Cybersurveillance

You are just one click away from knowing the IT risks, legal risks, commercial risks or third-party risks that your company is exposed to, when information is out of your perimeter and available to the cybercriminals.


Discover your vulnerabilities
and their level of exposure. Kartos EASM.

Find out how the Kartos XTI Watchbots can identify the info about your organization’s attack surface and determine why it’s defenseless from cybercriminals who can access critical data about your systems, your equipment, your machines, your devices and your applications.

Find out what information compromises your business and could lead to a data breach.
Kartos Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS)

Discover which data and which digital assets are leaked on the network and putting your company at risk. In fact, your own data is a weapon that cybercriminals can use to launch several types of cyberattacks or to harm your reputation, your legal status, your competitive level or your personal life.

Monitor your security score and act now.
Kartos SRS.

An objective and constant update on the external risk level is a vital complement to your organization’s internal-platform data. Discover Kartos’ Data Analytics capacity to determine your security scores and integrate your data for 360-degree protection.

Always on the Lookout

Create your own XTI Watchbots army and make good use of Kartos to identify your vulnerabilities, to protect your digital assets and to maximize your security score.

Always on Guard in Close Proximity with Our Clients

Our network of sales, consulting and services partners is made up of top-notch cybersecurity companies to offer the proper response to the needs of each client. Our partners are essential to the success of Kartos and located throughout the countries in which we operate, ensuring a close interaction with our customers.

Do You Want to be a Kartos Partner?

The arrival of Kartos to the Cybersecurity field gives cyber companies the possibility of offering their customers our unique functionalities that increase all corporative levels of protection and threat detection in Information Security, its Competitiveness and its Reputation.