XTI Watchbots

By Enthec

Kartos XTI Wachbots

Kartos is the cyber surveillance platform developed by Enthec to extend the security perimeter controlled by organizations. Conceived from a hacker strategy approach, Kartos is in a permanent R&D process to incorporate categories and capabilities advanced to the evolution of cyber attacks.

About us?

Enthec is a Deep Tech that develops and manufactures Cybersecurity software with a hacker approach to extend the reach of organizations’ cyber protection strategies.

Founded as a startup in 2019 by María Rojo, Enthec has grown through financing rounds and the success of its Kartos platform to establish itself as one of the Deep Tech companies with the most innovative and effective solutions in the field of Cybersecurity.

At Enthec we are technological, but also humanistic. We believe that technology put at the service of human beings is the most powerful tool in history to achieve common well-being, and that having a cyber-secure digital environment is essential for progress. We are convinced that the future will be cyber secure or it will not be a good future, and we think that achieving it is everyone’s responsibility.


Provide our clients with the ability to deploy and extend their intelligent cybersecurity strategy beyond the internal perimeter, to have under control any type of leaked and exposed information and external security gaps that can be used in a cyber attack.


An evolved cybersecurity based on intelligence strategies in expanded operating environments, freed from the rear-view effect of the merely defensive and barrier analog prism.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Enthec is an organization committed to common progress and aware that the construction of a fair and beneficial society for all must be done together within the possibilities of each one.

To fulfill this commitment, we have two lines of action deployed:


Enthec is a collaborating partner of the We Are CyberGirls Association, through the commitment and activity of its CEO, María Rojo, and its CMO, Lola Miravet, who are part of its founding and management team. The cybersecurity sector is full of professional opportunities, with hiring profiles of all ages, competitive salaries, a wide job offer and great possibilities for promotion and access to medium-high level positions. Despite all these advantages, it is a sector that does not seem to generally attract girls as a professional opportunity, even despite how well the few women who belong to the sector speak about their work.

We Are CyberGirls is a non-profit association that seeks to disseminate knowledge about Cybersecurity among girls from 9 to 16 years old to break this dynamic and contribute to the incorporation of female talent that our sector needs so much.

The objective of the We Are CyberGirls Association is to make girls aware of the details of the professional practice of the discipline in all its aspects, presented in an attractive and non-exclusive way, so that they can feel identified with the challenges it poses and the possibilities it offers. offers and consider it as another option when choosing a training path.

The informative activity of the We Are CyberGirls Association is aimed at both girls from 9 to 16 years old and their families and is based on four pillars:

– Information: the world of Cybersecurity from the perspective of its job possibilities, its studies and its contribution to society, through collaboration with both public and private educational institutions.

– Training: informative documentation for girls and their families about the threats they encounter in their daily lives and how to confront them.

– Workshops and Games: online activities in games, tests or questionnaires format so that they come into contact with different aspects of the Cyber world.

– CyberGirls Day: We Are CyberGirls has created the only national event aimed at girls learning what cybersecurity and hacking is, how it influences their daily lives and what they can do to be part of this world in the future, if so. they want it.


ENTHEC está firmemente comprometida con la defensa de la Diversidad y la Igualdad de Oportunidades y con la promoción de iniciativas y acciones que mantengan efectivamente su vigencia y progreso rompiendo barreras e impidiendo su aparición.

ENTHEC was born from generational, gender and cultural diversity, as well as from the desire to integrate different capacities, different and innovative points of view, all with the conviction that they provide added value specific to the moment and the environment in which it develops. your activity.

The equality plan developed by ENTHEC is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this area: gender equality, decent work and economic growth and reduction of inequalities.

Therefore, we follow a management system that includes and promotes diversity and equality in all interest groups that form and relate to the company (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders…).

Enthec is an organization committed to common progress and aware that the construction of a fair and beneficial society for all must be done together within the possibilities of each one.

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