XTI / Extended CTI Watchbots Platform

EASM (External Attack Surface Management)
DRPS (Digital Risk Protection Services)
SRS (Security Rating Services).

Features · Detection of 9 Threat Levels · Third Party Risk Assessment

Discover your unseen vulnerabilities
Kartos EASM.

Find out how Kartos XTI Watchbots are able to can identify your organization’s digital assets that are handing out information about your systems, your cloud services, and your applications to potential cybercriminals.

Learn how to protect and defend your digital assets. Kartos DRPS.

Our XTI Watchbots provide you with the information needed to obstruct imminent attacks by cybercriminals. . Discover how the XTI Kartos Watchbots can anticipate a high number of tactics destined toward malicious activities against your organization.

Take your security scores to the highest level. Kartos SRS.

Kartos XTI Watchbots are trained to collect all your company’s data using non-intrusive resources. Discover the Kartos Data Analytics capability to help you determine your adequate security score and find the guidelines to maximize it.


100% IA
No HumInt

There is no human intervention whatsoever in any part of the process involving our setup, search, analysis, categorization and presentation of information. Kartos relies on a powerful AI engine that performs all those functions with no need for human analysts, multiplying the level of confidentiality in the data process, including the detection of incidents and the activation of constant real-time alerts.

100% IA

The search for information takes place strictly outside the perimeter of the company, in information repositories located on the Internet, the deep web and the dark web, as well as forums, social networks and different types of open sources. What Kartos seeks is open information that cybercriminals could use to bypass a company’s defense systems. That data is delivered to your business solely for its protection, with no cyberattack or attempted penetration.


Speed in detecting vulnerabilities and applying defense actions is a critical factor in the protection of companies. The longer a vulnerability remains open, the more chance there is that a cybercriminal will find and use it. Thanks to the automation of the platform, any information leak is immediately detected and amended in very close to real-time.


A flexible licensing model covering all possibilities of detecting external threats allows you to create an intelligence platform practically tailored to each company, by combining targeted self-protection licenses with third-party-risk detection licenses, depending on the degree of access to the company’s critical information.

and Manageable Interpretation

The Artificial Intelligence that controls the platform can set it up from the company’s domain and begin to monitor from there, with no need to define sources, search parameters or complicated queries. The results are delivered in consecutive levels that make them understandable both by experts in charge of the remediation as by employees with no cybersecurity training.

Unlimited Users for
each license

In each company there are employees with different profiles who need access to the info provided by the Kartos tool and who will use it depending on their role and their level of competence. This information belongs to the company, so there’s no limit to the number of profiles or users who can use the platform, enabled with maximum flexibility for assigning permissions and customizing alerts.

Detection of 9 Threat Categories

  • Network
  • DNS Health Check / Phishing
  • Patch Management
  • IP Reputation
  • Web Security
  • Email Security
  • Document Leaks
  • Credential Leaks
  • Social Media

Risk Assessment

Third-Party Risks

Companies have always needed third parties to develop their business. But the transformation process that most companies are going through has increased the dependency and the level of integration of these third parties, essentially articulating them into the corporate structure, thus expanding its attack surface. Kartos provides the data required to assess the level of risk posed by these third parties and to evaluate their cybersecurity whenever it is required, with no authorization needed and under objective parameters.

Supplier Evaluation

The evaluation of the risk level of a supplier’s cybersecurity is as important as the well-known credit-risk evaluation. This is due to the enormous impact it can have on the corporate risk and the economic and operational cost that an attack can have for a business. Kartos provides the internal departments of companies whose core business is third-party risk assessment the information needed to determine the level of cybersecurity risk in processes of evaluation, approval and assessment of suppliers.

Cybersecurity Executives, Heads of IT Security and Chief Information Security Managers (CISOs)

Customized approaches and strategies in the field of information security.