Monitoring the network, keeping your company Safe Check out our specialized products on cybersecurity and DevSecOps.

Who We Are

Enthec is a young company specialized in the lastest cybersecurity technologies. We offer products on Security Monitoring, DevSecOps and Cloud.

Our products are designed according our long experience in cybersecurity on big companies. We know the real need of our customers and the status of the cybercrime in the network.

Trust us and your company will be more secure in the Internet.

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Our Products

Active surveillance

Thanks to our technology we monitor and patrol the network constantly, looking for traces of your company over the Internet. With us your security team will never be blind again.


Your company domains and subdomains constantly sought by our robots automatically and 24 hour each 7 days a week, all the year. Imagine having a big internal team of people, ensuring the security of your business email accounts.

Automation of results

Our search technologies keep all corporative mail found during your network patrol. That way you can have results in real time.

Real-time reports

When one of the patrols discovers your company domain or subdomain immediately, it sends a warning to its security experts so they can begin to monitor that account.


Thanks to automation and real-time reports, our patrols ensure that you can monitor the network and the emails of your company that are leaked to it.


All fully automated reports, in the format that their DevSecOps operators prefer so that tools such as Jenkins can automate active surveillance processes. So, your company will be safe in real time.