Responding to the requests and suggestions of our customers and partners, Kartos launches a new interface that is more intuitive and complete and incorporates new functions to respond to the expansion of functionality and capabilities planned for 2024.

A completely revamped interface that integrates:

  • Simplified and intuitive navigation.
  • Screens with grouped and detailed primary information.
  • Easy deployment options to go deeper in information.
  • Graphs for quick and comparative visualization.
  • Greater customization possibilities.

Among many other innovations and improvements that are already fully operational.

Gone is the rudimentary interface with which Kartos went out into the world in 2019, a basic design that responded to the need for a test.

This prototype ended up being the seed from which the innovative platform of Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence that today is Kartos XTI WatchBots was born. It has been an incredible journey that we will continue advancing confidently thanks to our customers and partners’ trust and permanent support.

On the outside, Kartos gets a complete makeover. Inside, it is maintaining its vulnerability monitoring and risk analysis power, which will align with the new functionalities gradually rolling out throughout 2024, following the ambitious roadmap outlined, which we will inform you about.